Course Description

This course is designed to teach practical operations of Gas & Shielded Metal Arc (MIG & Stick) Welding; including electrode/tip selection, power sources, machine/torch settings, cutting/grinding, shielding gases, and safe practices. Students will learn to produce quality welds and cuts on steel using MIG/Stick techniques and procedures. An AWS practice certification test will be given at course end.

Learner Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, students will:

  • Become a sufficient welder, and understand the methods of a welding shop.
  • Safely perform welds and cuts on steel.
  • Be prepared for employment as an apprentice in the welding industry.


Welding helmet, gloves, flame retardant jacket, safety glasses, and closed toe shoes are required.

Electronic heart devices (e.g. defibrillators, pacemakers) are not allowed in an area where arc welding is taking place. Students with any electronic heart device must notify the instructor.


Credential Information

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